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ian hall - film producer
Ian Hall  Producer
Ian has worked in the multimedia industry for over 15 years, producing countless short videos, web videos, promotional videos, instructional/how-to videos and full length documentaries. In 2011, he produced an award-winning 60-minute nationally-televised documentary on the history of the Sikhs in Canada.
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MP4 / DVD / Blu-ray - Check!

Quality control from location to the editing room.

We're all about HD!

High Quality is a requirement at every stage of our work. We go into every shoot with a clear plan for making your project, whether we’re documenting a live event or crafting a successful ad campaign, look and sound as good as it possibly can.

Have a ‘sick’ live show the world needs to see?
We specialize in bringing the energy and intensity of your live performance to life on any screen, whether it be on the web or Blu-ray. Our video artists are ready to collaborate with you in helping you put your best foot forward in promoting yourself to the world.

Have a story you need told just right?
We’ve done everything from feature-length films to 15-second commercials, and there’s nothing we enjoy more than giving a good story exactly what it needs. We like details. Need help writing a TV spot or storyboarding a short documentary? Give us a call!

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We Won Best Documentary! Canadian Soldier Sikhs Updated Oct 24, 2011
We recently won first place at the Sikh Film Festival in New York with our documentary on ten Canadian Sikh soldiers who joined the Canadian army in WWI but had no rights, couldn’t vote and couldn’t bring their families to Canada. Check out the trailer on YouTube.

All our video production is shot to broadcast standards in high definition. We output to DVD, Blu-ray, MP4, iPhone, you name it...